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In addiction, we are both the villains and the heroes - - the victims and the abusers. “Endure: To Suffer with Patience” is a story of a repeated cycle or the beginning of my part in the cycle. I scored a 9/10 on the Adverse Childhood Experiences test. I began using drugs at the age of 8 and didn’t stop until I was 25. I am now 32 and married with four children. It has been six years since I have broken free from my addiction. I have spent the last six years untangling my mind and reflecting on all of the things that have broken me or brought me shame and guilt. In these six years, I have discovered my purpose through helping people. Due to the wide range of my life experiences, I have found a unique gift in my ability to empathize with another individual struggling.

Through my pain, I have grown an understanding of the many ways the past can manifest itself in new and destructive ways. I had to be broken to understand how to heal. I had to witness the power of my evolution to believe in the potential of others. I spent five years going to school part-time to obtain my associate's degree. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree to become a drug addiction counselor. My overall goal is to acquire my master's degree so that I can become a Licensed Master of Social Work and begin helping people as a therapist. I feel it is my responsibility to reach back to those still drowning in trauma and addiction…for I was blessed to make it out.

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