Book on Table


We want to partner with you to accomplish your dream of creating a book! For now, our specialty is memoirs and anthologies. We'd like to help you or your group tell the story that matters and accomplished two things.


1) Empowers you 2) Impacts your community

Providing a local, independent, collaborative touch that you won't get with big name publishers is what brings us joy. 

Picking a Book

Self-Publishing Guidance 

Are you dedicated to self-publishing, but need a bit of support? Found out how we can help.

(Services coming July 2022) 

Reading Books in Library


Do you have ideas for your memoir, autobiography or anthology but need help getting organized and don't have the time/energy to self-publish? Reach out to see how we can assist you.

(Services coming July 2022) 

Coffee and Book

Indie Publishing

Are you a Kansan who has completed your book? Submit your manuscript to be considered for publication by Quiet Storm. (Services coming in 2023) 

A Woman Writing by the Window

Public Speaking & Courses

Does your group want to learn more about the Being Wichita Women, publishing, or telling your story? Contact us. (Classes coming in 2023) 

Reach Out

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