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We want to partner with you to accomplish your dream of creating a book! We'd like to help you or your group tell the story that matters and accomplished two things.


1) Empowers you 2) Impacts your community

Providing a local, independent, collaborative touch that you won't get with big name publishers is what brings us joy. 

The types of books we specialize in:

  • Creative Non-Fiction (memoirs, biographies) 

  • Short Stories (anthologies, poetry, community topics) 

  • Self-help / Spiritual / Inspirational

So what is hybrid publishing? "Hybrid publishing is an emerging area that occupies the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing and therefore includes many different publishing models—basically anything that is not self-publishing or traditional publishing." (Writer's Digest) 

Picking a Book


Available Now! 

Are you dedicated to self-publishing, but need a bit of support? Found out how we can help.

  • Guidance

  • Inspiration

  • Expertise 

Reading Books in Library


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Do you have ideas for your book but need help getting organized, tackling writer's block, developing your story? Let's develop your manuscript together.

  • Book Development

  • Development editing, Line editing, Copy editing, Proofreading

  • Fundraising support 

Working Together on Project


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Does your nonprofit need assistance in applying for grants? Time to collaborate.

  • Government 

  • Corporate 

  • Foundation

Modern Senior Woman


Want to immerse yourself in publishing knowledge while developing your manuscript? You're not alone! Finish your book in community with others. 

(Services coming in 2023) 

Mother Working from Home

Full-Service Indie Publishing 

Ready to go full throttle? Submit your manuscript to be considered for publication by Quiet Storm.

(Services coming in 2023) 

  • Production & Design

  • Printing 

  • Marketing 

  • Distribution

Coffee and Book


Do you have an awesome idea for a book but require a lot of support in actually getting it written? Let's see if ghostwriting is "write" for you!  

(Services coming in 2024) 

Interested in these services?