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Story Development Client

“Danielle brings herself into the world of the writer and then occupies that space to bring out the author’s gems and digs out the nuggets of the story. She is a master of “presence”, as little or as much as needed. I wouldn’t have considered this project without her.”

- Laura Y Dungan, Center of Creative Change

Being Wichita Women Reader

“Being Wichita Women, compiled by Danielle Ramirez, edited by Katie Dakan, and published by Quiet Storm Services, is a book about survivors, not victims.

The powerful anthology of 28 essays is written by strong women who have overcome incredible adversity.

With experience, perspective, and courage, each writer shares a personal path that will help others understand they’re not alone and there is a way out.

If you’re looking for inspiring stories celebrating resiliency, personal growth, healing, and thankfulness, I recommend reading Being Wichita Women. It could change your life.”

- Jim Potter, Author of Taking Back the Bullet: Trajectories of Self-Discovery

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Donation Recipient

"The Kansas Food Bank appreciates the opportunity to be a beneficiary of the sale of the book Being Wichita Women.  At the food bank, we work hard to support Kansans, including women in the Wichita area, who struggle with food insecurity. Funds from the sale of the book will support our Filling the Gap program which provides meals for children during two very important times when federal USDA meals are not available: spring break and at the end of summer."​

- Rebecca Rather,

Board President for the Kansas Food Bank

Being Wichita Women Reader

“As a Wichita woman for my 62 years young life, I really enjoyed reading BEING WICHITA WOMEN. It is good to learn that other women in my hometown have endured, survived and succeeded. These stories are meaningful because they are real. I’m hoping for Part 2 book with more stories!”

- Pam Chiles 

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Story Development Client

“Working with Quiet Storm Services has been an amazing journey for me. This is not just about writing a book. This is a process of exploring yourself as you create your story. Quiet Storm gives me a safe place to examine my experiences in life, while offering support and guidance through the process. In addition to that, Quiet Storm guides you through the publishing process and helps find resources to see your dream realized!”

- Valerie Martens, Future Author of Gypsy's Box

Being Wichita Women Reader

“Where do I begin? I KNOW how hard this is — telling your story, being vulnerable in public, pulling it all together to produce a book you can hold in your hands. But to pull together nearly 30 women’s stories?! WOW. This book answers unequivocally the question, “Is it just me?” That answer is a resounding NO. You are not the only one uncertain, unsure, struggling to overcome past trauma, anxiety, depression, abuse, illness, disability, or a feeling of “otherness.” This book affirms we are a community of women becoming, being... when just to “be” is hard. I was thrilled to read the stories of women I know — Emira Chavira Chaparro, Melody Miller, Stephanie Byers, Lacey Cruse, Danielle Ramirez, Michelle Vann, Danielle Johnson, Katie Dakan, and women I don’t know but would like to: One of the best pieces of writing is by Janet Federico, telling the story of her first night sleeping in her car in a Walmart parking lot and how she then began to reclaim her life. These are stories of reclamation. Read them, and know, it’s not just you. Available at Watermark Books & Cafe and”

- Polly Basore Wenzl, Writer / Journalist / Author

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Drag Queen
Reading a Book

Donation Recipient

“There is so much power in telling your story. Your vulnerability empowers others to open up. Telling your stories creates space for healing yourself and healing others at the same time. How powerful is that? The world shifts in powerful ways when women come together.”​

- Marquetta Atkins, Destination Innovation 

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

Story Development Client

"Working with Danielle and Quiet Storm Services has been one of the best experiences. She takes the intimate setting of working with a friend, and meshes it in the most wonderful way of working with a growing business. Her attention to detail is phenomenal; and her kind and gentle approach makes taking criticism easy and helpful. Anyone looking to expand their horizons and give writing a shot, I highly recommend Danielle Ramirez and Quiet Storm Services. This experience hasn’t always been easy on my end, but Danielle stays with me every step of the way and gives me the encouragement I need to get the job done with ease."


- Tiara Haywood, Future Author 

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
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