Portrait with a Book

Quiet Storm is a local, independent hybrid publishing company that partners with underrepresented individuals and groups to create authentic books that empowers the writer and impacts the community.


The mission of Quiet Storm is to be a creator of books that empower the writer, promotes authentic storytelling, and supports personal and collective growth.

Our purpose is to provide meaningful connections that inspire our readers. We explore themes that contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and compassionate world, while producing books that connect to a larger community purpose.


We Value

  • Personal and collective healing 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 

  • Resilience, Awareness, Collaboration

In 2020, Danielle Ramirez wanted to bring women together to tell their stories. After googling the term, "Being Wichita Women" most of the search results included articles detailing violence against women. It was time to change the narrative. 30 local women came together to share their stories of trauma, adversity, resilience and healing.

Throughout this process 3 things happened. 

 - Contributors had an opportunity to build      community and experience healing through the writing & storytelling process

 - We created a book with stories that impact others, especially underrepresented communities and those experiencing hardship

 - This collaborative anthology birthed a deeper purpose: Quiet Storm Services, which was established in 2022. 

Myth: You have to be a grammar guru or an achieved author to accomplish your dream of writing a book. 


 Even if you are a narrative novice, it is 100% possible to produce a meaningful, quality book that your audience can support. Your story matters!