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Danielle Ramirez has fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has led projects related to substance use, prevention, food insecurity, behavioral health, advocacy, youth empowerment and more. She values equity and believes cultural humility is vital for individual, organizational, and community progress.


Her passion for collaboration has helped build important partnerships locally and across the state. Throughout her life, Danielle has dealt with adversity through reading, writing, and connecting with others. Her passion for growth, community, and the art of writing is what led her to create and build Quiet Storm Services. She wants community members to be empowered to tell their stories boldly and bravely. 


In June of 2022 we released, “Being Wichita Women", which is a powerful collection from 30 local women exploring trauma, adversity, resilience, and healing. Sales have been steady and promising. Our first book has already surpassed 300 sales and is being distributed within five Wichita businesses and online. In September, we received a Wichita Business Journal ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ award for our work.

Professional Highlights

  • Accumulated over $1,000,000 in funding for community initiatives, including a federal Drug Free Community grant totaling $625,000 by working collaboratively with Safe Streets Wichita Coalition

  • 2022 Wichita Business Journal’s ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ honoree 

  • Associate's Degree, Butler County Community College, 2016

  • Certified Companion Aide, 2016

  • Certified Botvin Life Skills Trainer of Trainers, 2018

  • Bachelor's Degree, Wichita State University, 2024

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